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This pic was clicked by me on the way back from Elephanta Caves

It has been a long since I posted here anything. Actually the things were happening too fast to write about them. I happened to visit Rajasthan, Goa, Maharashtra, J&K and Punjab. I worked hard in office. Partied harder. (For me party means being near to family and food an occasionally a drink 😉 ) Now I feel like translating those experience in words.

I have in past years traveled more countries in the world than states I have visited in my country. And I regret that. Because India has been gifted with unmatched variety of tourist locations which are full of natural, social and cultural beauty  You don’t have to worry about visa too, obviously only if you are an Indian.

What I have realized is that diversity of India and its people is amazing. On one hand you have conservative areas of UP, Rajasthan where you can still have a game with its charming history of fighters and forts and on the other hand there is Goa whose character is anything but Indian in a general sense. Its like any other coastal town in Europe specially Portugal. Not denying that image is also the reflection of its historical connection with Portuguese culture.

Sometimes its history of various culture or sometimes its culture of history that makes this part of the world an amazing thing to look and visit at.

I would in coming day be sharing such small and amazing Indian stories with you all of the places which I visited in last months.