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Human Brain and Emotions !


One of the most complicated instrument of intelligence , emotions and information is Human Brain.Though God , if it exists , has endowed all  living creatures with what is essential to survive in this cruel world.But there is something which distinctively put human race above and ahead of animal kingdom.

Human Mind is too complex to be completely understood by Human Mind.

There have been great scientist and there have been great philosophers and there have been thinkers.They were surely great in their respective fields but interestingly most of them lacked a great social or familial life.That can be another topic of discussion that why Intelligence and knowledge become a hurdle in enjoying small things of life.

Emotions are , as scientist say , visual after-effects of a chemical reaction in brain. Weather these chemical reaction start emotions or emotions create chemical reactions is out of my mind.What I can confidently say that our actions are certainly affected by these Emotions , or ‘Chemical reaction’ , if you wish to say like that.

Emotions and Actions are in a cycle.Actions incite emotions and emotions provoke Actions.But where and how does our mind come in to the  scene?Is it possible to control our emotions and there by control our actions ? In theory it seems possible to control our emotions.But then who is going to do this task for us? Obviously our own brain.Here is the most interesting part.We want to control our emotions , which are residing in our brain , using our own brain.I think that is a Paradox.Its like asking one to hold  left hand with ones left hand.Totally impossible.

That is when things get become interesting as well as complex.A process  which seems impossible in the case of hand is actually possible in the case of brain.We can actually control our emotions arising out in our brain by using another part of brain.For normal human being ,  its very difficult to make his/her brain in multitasking manner.But it used to be a routine task for the ancient Yogis(sages) of India. To make your thought process more rational and positive we should let our emotions flow freely and then observe them.And when we can observe our thoughts and emotions clearly then it become easy to eliminate the negative thoughts using our conscious and rational part of the brain.Its like a process of filtration.The key is to throw out the residual negativity instantly forever.

When all negativity is out of our mind , the natural flow of oxygen to our brain increases resulting the generation of positive thoughts and the process continues.

When something or someone hurt us using words as weapons which are negative in nature then its actually nothing but chemical reaction in two minds without anyone actually affecting each other literally.In an ideal situation it must be very easy to be normal and forget and forgive who has hurt us considering that the actual cause and reason of hurt , chemical reaction , has actually subsided.

But things sometimes are not so Ideal or Simple.I am surely discussing these things because I have actually been  reason for the chemical reaction in brain of other person , recently.Don’t know when it would subside.Or would never subside just like a chain reaction.