Height of Hypocrisy !!!


                                                                                “I HATE RACIST, BLACKS AND HYPOCRITES.”

I never really understood this word until when I came into contact with people who were un-apologetically having double standard over some very important issues. Hypocrisy comes in every shape and sizes. In every color and shades. In every sound and bits.

Hypocrisy is mostly generated by the intentional absence of logic and ability to see the facts in totality. Hypocrisy thrives on selective morality and worldview over different  issues. Hypocrisy is outcome of partial bend of mind.

Take a look at history of India. Its full of foreign invaders plundering  it mercilessly and looting its riches. That is a historical fact. To justify the present condition of India totally on it would not be fair as other factors would also count. But to ignore it completely would also not be justified as the amount of wealth which has gone out of India through series of such foreign invasion is too vast to ignore.

What irks me is that whenever I mention of this historical robbery of Indian wealth as one of the main reasons of misery of present day Indians, I am met with hypocritical response from people who are fully convinced that it doesn’t have anything to do with current state of affairs in India. And these are the same people who would quote historical facts about western world to prove how  some specific action and events are dependent of certain historic events. The hypocrisy is evident.  These same people would justify bombing of some Muslim countries by countries like USA, self-proclaimed DAROGA of the world, on the pretext that these countries were involved in terrorist activities. Height of Hypocrisy !!!

There is no denying that Nehru Dynasty( It sounds like Indian Democracy) couldn’t have done worse managing social and economical affairs of India, but my point is that even bestest management of Indian affairs could not have compensated  the socio-economical devastation which British and other invaders brought on India. Just a little glance at the fact that India contributed a whopping 25% of total GDP of world when British came and only 3% when they exited the country, speaks enough volume of what bad effects British brought on India.

Those who deny this fact are like ostrich. And they are plenty.

While talking about hypocrisy, how can I forget the atmosphere at blog of a foreigner living in India. The rule there are very clear cut. There is absolutely no ambiguity whatsoever. The rule is that if you have anything bad to tell about Indian men, specially Hindu men, India, Hinduism, you are most welcome. Write so many passages you wish to describe how this species is worse among all the Homo-Sapiens.  As and when you try to defend your views or yourself, a confused moderator, who would actually allow certain people to call other people BASTARD but would not ‘tolerate’ a subtle ‘BS’ in a casual usage, would come and say, its going off-the topic when the truth is that most of the comments before and after the comments of that poor soul were out off-the-topic.

Its very cool to talk about the lack of  logic, moral in Hindus of India but same group of people are totally spineless in discussing even the very obvious logical fallacy in Islam.

There is a certain American character  (sometimes she visit this blog too)  on that blog, who every now and then keeps abusing Indian males in every possible western slang. She can convert any topic in to a discussion of malnutrition children in India. That, no doubt, is a very critical issue on which the future and existence of our country stand. We should do our best to tackle that problem in our best capacity.  But then there is time an place for everything. She would always rants about Indian males and is always off-topic but she never get caught. Is it a co-incidenc e or double standards ( a euphemism for hypocrisy)..??

She, in one instance, says that Indian should never talk about the foreign invasion so many generations after freedom. According to her, even Rome was looted and plundered. This argument is like saying that even plants have life so vegetarians should get off their high horse of morality over meat-eaters. On another instance she keeps digging in to the history to look for ‘facts’ to prove her silly points.

She would talk about how many Kashmiri innocent youth have been killed by Army but never talk about the plight of Kashmiri Pundits. Its no surprise considering that she is converted and married in to a Kashmiri Separatist family. She keeps reminding people about wisdom, knowledge and age of Google but is so ignorant that doesn’t even know that citizens of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi require visa to visit each other countries. She think of Indian subcontinent as a Schengen Area’.

I wish these people to get some sense in their senses.

Enough rating for today 🙂


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  1. Mohit, the height of hypocrisy is being a vegetarian smoker like yourself.

    No wonder nobody wants to read your blog, being so poorly written and with stupid topics like this idiotic rant about some random goris.

    • Janaki,

      This blog is not meant for an STUPIDIOT like you. Its also not for the want of readers.. Its just to express what I feel.

      So, instead of going on the blog of other people and curse them, cut the crap and do something better.

      Why are you so upset that I am a vegetarian smoker. You must be addictive to meat. Right?

      Last but not least, I didn’t invite you, so STFU.

      Have a good day.

  2. ‘Then what are you waiting for? Come and Splash !’

    Gee, Mr Gupta- doesn’t sound like this is an invitation only blog! Sounds like you’re the height of hypocrisy & full of BS.

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