Dubai: A Land of UNEQUAL opportunities


Love it or Hate it but you can’t ignore it.

Such is the effect of Dubai on the lives of people living in subcontinent and east Asia. It is foreign land which is more accessible than Delhi to the people of  Kerala, a southern state of India. They feel at home there. Because, it is said, more Keralites live in UAE than they live in Kerala. Being in the middle of familiar people, earning better money is a very encouraging proposition. And they actually love it.

India has been in close relationship with UAE, which was once part of British colony and used Indian Rupee as their currency. Indians were the one of those those people who arrived in UAE even before its glittering presence came into existence. They have seen it rises from dirt, literally, to become darling of people around the world. They have worked as blue collars workers to CEO’s. They mark their presence as employee as well as employers. But the blue-collar workforce far outnumber those in higher positions.

Its a very interesting fact the UAE is one of few countries where expats are majority in respect of local population. Of the total population residing in UAE only 20% comprises of local Emiratis and rest 80% are expatriates of which 70% are from India. The presence of such a big Indian population is really not an indication of any new-found love for them in the Emirates, nor are they,as  people, are wanted more than other nationalities. Its their price tag which is in demand because money is the oldest and most powerful religion in the world.

From a distance Dubai seems a perfect example of muticultural society where more than 200 nationalities are living peacefully together. The last word in the previous sentence is that I high suspect. Together. Isn’t it different from living adjacently to someone but not communicating and knowing nothing about the person or family living or working next to you. Or isn’t it different from being a  neighbor coincidentally.

I have earlier worked in UAE earlier for a year. But didn’t got to know the dark realities of social and professional contrast in the people of different nationalities. I knew it from what I read in media reports or on internet. But I got a first hand experience of it when I got a job offer from an Italian company trying to establish its business in Dubai. After a round of various telephonic interviews and analytical test over email, I was called for an interview in Dubai.  It was unusual for a company to call a candidate to Dubai. Normally the companies representative come to Mumbai or Delhi to conduct interview. But as most Italian companies area family business and even small recruitment is done by highest officials in the company so they all flew from Italy to conduct the interview.

This was probably my shortest visit abroad. I took a flight in the night at 20:30 reached Dubai at local time 22:30 in night. On the next morning I attended the interview and then boarded the return flight again in the night at 24:00 same day and reach Delhi at 5:00 next morning. All in all it was a total 24 Hours including travelling time. Interview was positive.

When I was doing a search on the average salary, they had requested salary expectation from me, I came to know a very interesting fact. That in Dubai salary are not based on skills and experience but on nationality. Not only UAE but this is the trend all over the middle east. I always hear that Indians are one obsessed with white skin or westerners but I would have to say that obsession of middle eastern businessman with western people or white skin goes beyond any logic.

There is professional hierarchy based on nationality. First comes a white American then British then Emirati, then other whites, then Arabs and then people from subcontinent. I was amazed because it didn’t make any economical sense. For same skills and experience I would always want someone who is asking a little less but here I can see a desperation to hire white people at exorbitant pay packages sometimes 3 times more than other people.

Please have a look at the difference as dummy salaries.

American White-

Base Salary- 2,40,000 AED

Housing Allowance- 1,20,000 AED

Car Allowance-           50,000 AED

Relocation Allowance- 25,000 AED

Education Allowance-  30,000/ Child/Annum ( for max 3 children)

Total-   AED  5,25,000


Base Salary- 84,000AED

Housing Allowance- 60,000 AED

Car Allowance-           36,000 AED

Relocation Allowance- NA

Education Allowance-  NA

Total-   AED  1,80,000

This is usual scenario in the case of same skills and experience.

The so called Muslim Ummah doesn’t apply in Arabian peninsula of Islamic world. Fellow Arabian Muslims are discriminated against  western people. All the calls of Islamic brotherhood now comes across as fanatical cacophony to overpower the real issues and to gain political mileage.


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  1. In Arabian peninsula it is hierarchy will be

    Religion (Muslim)

    Skin colour



    Finally talent

    Your findings are not surprising at all

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