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Recently I was seeing a debate on a news channel over the state and future of Kashmiri Pundits, who are almost forgotten by their country, their people and once their neighbors Kashmiri Muslims. Kashmiri pundits are never considered a party in the issue which is so close to their heart and home. Because they don’t form a group big enough to affect the outcome of any election in J&K or in rest of India.

The real life accounts of Kashmiri Pundits on how they were forcibly threatened, raped murdered, killed, burned and perished is a heart-breaking story. It attacks your sensibilities instantly as an Indian. Most of the arguments from the separatist and Pakistan side are based on the fact that Kashmir is Muslim majority state and that is why it should have been joined with Pakistan and not India. What these people forget that-

First- Having a nation on the basis of majority-religion has been proved a failed idea and can not guarantee a peaceful and prosperous country-Just have a look at the condition of Muslims in Pakistan.

Second- Muslim-majority in Kashmir is a relatively new phenomenon as the vast history of that area clearly indicates that the region was a Hindu/Baudhhist cultural center for a long time. So while defining the majority should we consider the history of  an extended period in past rather than the recent past.

Now come to the reality of Kashmir. The terrorism is always justified as the reaction to the “injustice” done by security forces. But this arguments falls flat when we observe that the start of militancy in Kashmir happened only in the late eighties. Why not before? Because by then Pakistan had understood well that it can not beat India in a traditional warfare so it applied gorilla tactics to destabilize Kashmir and instill fear in the common men of Kashmir.

What was more appalling was that the same Kashmiris who were living with Kashmiri Pundits for centuries started threatening and killing them mercilessly leaving no option for Kashmir Pandits but to leave the valley. And those Kashmiri Muslims were same people who talk about the unjust and unfair killing of Kashmiris by Indian forces. So here the face of obscene hypocrisy on the part of Kashmiri Muslims was uncovered and their intentions brutally expressed in the form of fearful slogans and brutal killings.

Now why Kashmiri Hindus were targeted ? Because they were soft target and considered an easy prey to satisfy the ego of extremist-Islam against the Hindus of India. It was a very obvious hint that Hindus/Indians would not be tolerated in Kashmir. What surprises most is that why it was unheard for so long? Was Indian government not capable of defending its Hindu citizen in a Hindu-majority country from handful of  Muslim Extremist? No, they were fully capable. But all things boil down to the same dirty face of politics in India where its almost sinful to raise your voice for the right of Hindus. Because they are so fractured in their cultural, social and political affiliation that they can hardly affect any policy decision as a collective group. So most of the ‘secular-parties’ of India lick the toes of Muslims vote-bank for two reasons. One because they vote in hoards and they collectively can changes the direction and state of any election.

The height of Muslim-appeasement in this country is that even hard-core terrorist like Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab are treated like state-guest and not hanged as per the supreme courts order because it can ‘hurt’ Muslim sentiments. While it is very unfortunate for the tax-payer of India to contribute to the expenses of these dreaded terrorists, its also not good for Muslims to become part of evil designs of so-called ‘secular’ parties. Because such decision try to reinforce the popular assumption that Muslims of India have sympathy for terrorists which is not true.

There can not be a reconciliation till the perpetrators of inhumane crime done on Kashmiri Pundits are not brought to justice. All talks of Kashmiri Pundits going back to valley is a farce till the article 370 is not removed and UCC(Uniform Civil Code) is not applied in India.


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  1. Just ran into your blog and love it! The style is breezy, and very content rich, without getting to be boring. Your trip to Italy in the winter, sounds interesting! Did you have an opportunity to visit the Vatican? You would have liked the sculpture and art work immensely. Your BH’s Diwali Rangoli’s look very pretty..

    I have a couple of “bones to pick” with you:

    a.) The flap with the US TSA regarding he ex President of India, at New York’s JFK airport. The fact is the individuals manning the screening lines are held accountable, and face punishment of some kind( demotions, firings etc..) in the event of a problem in the air, or even if some unallowed materials are accidentally allowed on a flight. BTW, the TSA does test the system by periodically trying to get something on a plane, that should be screened out. I have lived in the US for over 30 years, and have a fairly good read on people and their intent, and in general can say that the ex President’s religion or nationality had little or nothing to do with what happened to him. Also, the late Senator from my state( Massachussetts), Ted Kennedy, was constantly pulled out of the security line because someone else with his name was on the TSA’s ‘No Fly’ list.

    b.) You can avoid the ‘aam janta’ screening, when you fly on a private jet, where( at the private jet terminal) the screening is faster, less crowded, less waiting, and perhaps appears to be more polite. Not suggesting this to condone what happens to ‘aam janta’ .

    c) Finally, the title of the blog… and some statements you made( in the post about Aryans) about South Indian kings … that many of them claimed to be Aryan! Where did you get this notion from? I was born in South India,and grew up in Delhi, and don’t believe that the Aryan theme is the dominant influence in India.

    • Hi Mani,

      Thank you very much for visit and liking the blog. Its seems you have taken a look at every post of mine. That’s very flattering.

      Italy in winter was a very odd Idea but it turned out to be good as it was less crowded at that point of time. I wanted to visit Vatican but we ran out of time as we preferred to visit non-touristy area. But I would once again visit Europe and see all the architectural beauty.of Italy and Vatican.

      a) I certainly don’t think that all American officials are biased because of religion or nationality but I can see a good amount of bias in *some* officials against Indians/Middle-easterner after 9/11. I know many cases where even American citizens, politicians and diplomats have been victims of over-enthusiasm of TSA officials but those cases are very rare. And if TSA officials were right and acting according to the law why then America officially apologized?? Because it was a clear case of violation of diplomatic protocols.

      b) I am clueless about “Aam-Janta” screening. What’s that?

      c) What’s wrong in the title? For me “Aryan” means “Noble” and I didn’t intend to claim India a land of “Aryans” of European race. For me everyone from J&K to Kanyakumari is Aryan mean Noble. The title is not a claim or declaration but a call and request to discuss about Aryans and India. South Indian kings used to call themselves Aryans, that’s a historical and literary fact. But the use of that term was never racial. Yes, Aryan theme is not an issue in India. It was Europeans who try to make it an issue that Aryans came from central Asia which I categorically deny.

  2. An interesting discussion. This is the very region where the first book of ancient Aryans was compiled. There is big politics in this. The Jews want to remove the Aryan word from India and the world while some Europeans want to show that Aryans came from outside India. Genetically the Europeans and most Indians and many Central Asians have strong links but the first mention of this Race is in the Rigveda and Avesta. Both were written in Northwestern region of Indian subcontinent and neighboring Central Asia. The internet is full of opinions of people who know nothing of genetics or anthropology giving their opinion. The Rigveda was written in Kashmir and close-by region.

    • SHut up you ass holes. No doubt kashmir belongs to Pandits as well. But its not true that they were forced to leave kashmir. They left kashmir on the advise of Than Minister Jagmohan.

      And yes its true that India and Indian army has pressurised kashmiri moslims for last few decades only because kashmiri( while race ) does not digest the rule of India( Lower/black/Dirty race ). Kashmiris are not indian and entire world knows it. Our facial and physical features are enough decide. We belong to a Higher racial group. Inshallah we will fight till Indias defeat. and all indian lowers, fucker sucker..what ever.. you must know that its a world slogan… ”Poor india..Dirty India” Fuck off. Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka.. will soon destroy India. Wait and Watch you Black Piggies..

  3. These pure Aryans have great mental and physical capabilities. However, their numbers are not tiny but in reality microscopic. With India emerging as a great power and peace returning to their home it is anticipated that the dynamic ones amongst them will return to their beloved home, Kashmir (Bharat). No one can stop this from occurring.

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