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In 1947 we got Independence, anyhow, in a changed global scenario after world war-2, which saw the decreasing grip and clout of British Empire and rise of a new super power, that was, United States of America. Financial burden of a lengthy war and concern of rebuilding and restructure made it difficult for British to retain its colonies as protection and rehabilitation of mainland became their top priority. But sole credit of Independence was, somehow, robbed by Congress politicians especially Mr Nehru, supported by vast popularity of Mr. Gandhi. Nehru was a shrewd strategist. Mr Gandhi was a noble soul with poor vision. Ironically, after Independence, all of those who were fighting for greater and united India suddenly surrendered to compromise on the partition of India for their personal agendas. On the top of that was Mr Nehru.

I still wonder why Nehru, top leader of congress, which presents itself as a champion of the ‘secular’ cause, did not accept Mr Gandhi’s suggestion to give up the post of prime minister to Jinnah, for the sake of winning trust of Muslims and the cause of united India. This in fact would have given much credibility to congress’s claim of being flag-bearer of ‘secularism’ and ‘patriotism’, instead they were busy building their political-castle with the pieces of country and its countrymen. If both Mr Nehru and Mr Jinnah had settled their personal issues in a responsible manner then we hadn’t seen such a devastating civil war and after-partition riots after our great country was cut into two pieces. It would have made Kashmir issue, militancy in J&K, exodus of Kashmir Pundits, wars of  1965 and 1971 a mere wild imagination of conspiracy-theorist, and may be, may be India would have become one of the most prosperous and powerful country in today’s world.

But Mr Nehru and Mr Jinnah both choose them over country and became PM of their respective countries at the cost of lives of millions. After unfortunate murder of Mr Gandhi, India came in the grip of Nehru family and is still to liberate itself from the clutches of dynasty politics. The generation which was born at that time considered Nehru and Gandhi Clan as the sole proprietor of India.

What happened afterward was a classic case of transforming the psyche and soul of the nation into “Corrupt and Complacent” through a systematic approach of institutionalizing graft, implementing Quota-Raj, and lack of transparency in the garb of democracy. Today we stand at crossroads and have to make a choice from the couple of not-so bright alternatives. One one side there is Congress which has ruled us for most past of post-independence history but failed to deliver. At other side is BJP which had shown promise and was given a chance once, did some good but failed to deliver when it mattered  most. For example Gujarat. That was the best opportunity for them to establish themselves as a responsible party and wash their bad reputation of anti-Muslim political group. But failed to act. For now, the biggest disadvantage for them is they are vulnerable to these accusation and minority communities can be polarized against them. They also lack charismatic leadership and direction. Then there is left-front where “Nothing is Left” for them in the country other than Kerala and Bengal. So we can’t expect much from them. Then we are left with third front which consists of SP, BSP, DMK, AIDMK, TRINMUL CONG, AGP and NCP. But this front actually never came on front to have a national agenda.

Here one point has to be noted that BJP has gradually toned down from its extremist stance regarding minority issues and is making conscious effort to win the trust of community. More convincing fact is that they have also shown development and governance in the states ruled by them like Gujarat, Karnataka, Bihar, MP, Uttaranchal and Chhattisgarh but not without a fair  amount of charges of Corruption.

So nobody is a clear winner to rule this country. Almost every party has some tainted people. So what we are left with? We have to choose one which is less corrupt of lot, specially when no party is looking as competent and confident as it should be. Recent agitation against corruption and their brutal curbing by government has made us to believe that direct participation in the electoral process is the ‘Only way to victory’. Because we can never fight with government machinery. We should participate in the formation of government, directly or indirectly, to bring the changes.

So I appeal my brethren sincerely that please VOTE for whoever you believe is right. BUT VOTE.

For this to happen, we have to come out of our comfort zone and VOTE. Isn’t it ironic that only 50% or less goes to vote in the largest democracy of world?

Your co-operation will get us to the top of the world. And I have a slogan for this campaign , which you have to spread !

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  1. A well – written blog. Yes, its like choosing between a murderer, robber and a pick-pocketer. We have to choose the pick- pocketer so that the murderer doesn’t rule us .
    Though we are left with not many good options, we need to vote (duty).

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