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“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.”

Though I don’t agree completely with the above definition of Democracy in general but it appropriately defines the mood and expression of many people in India on the current state of democracy.

Democracy in its present form, for me, has become manifestation of immense  powers bestowed on parliamentarians and its negative effect on the interest of common citizens who are virtually forced to live a life with servile attitude. Its a sadistic story of poor implementation of contractile policies imbibed by our Constitution. Its an obscene and heartbreaking reflection of hypocritical attitude of political class who talk about patriotism, public service, sacrifice and equality in their every sentence they utter, but in reality most of them defy all social , moral and political rules and regulation with unmatched is a systematic discrimination supported by Constitution, legally.

These social contrasts are nothing but non-glamorous reflection of  ideological-hypocrisy of Indian political class legally backed by Constitution. The contrasts are so stark  that you feel angst more than excitement and can develop a dual personality. ‘Equality’  is considered a basic essence and central idea of any democratic system but our Constitution (which I justifiably disapprove of as the perfect text to follow and govern a country as big and diverse as India) is consistent in making sure that difference and distance between political/ruling class and general public increases as and when the time passes.

Who are called public/government servants in theory never exhibit the character and virtues of one in practical life. And fault is not theirs only. They are just reaping the benefits of  Monarchic Constitution. I am not an expert on the technical nitty-gritties of  the constitution least interested in the complexities of conflicting ideas which have become integral part of our Constitution through various “Constitutional” amendments. But anybody in logical frame of mind can see that this is not a proper system for welfare of people at large but only for a handful of already powerful and rich politicians, corporate, media persons, actors, and sport-stars.

We always believed as per constitution, “Democracy is the rule of people, by the people, for the people”. From no angle, the ruling system of India is for the people or by the people. In most practical sense it can be called-

‘Rule of some Powerful People/Parties, elected by weak and meek people who are either forced or influenced by power or money. 

More than the process or system of election or selection I am upset with the outcome. After this mammoth exercise of election some people, who are called MPs or MLAs, would take full control of the nation/state, drive  it and steer it to wherever they want, without being answerable to anyone but their political masters, for next five years.

My objection is mostly on two basic flaws in present system of democracy, one  is ‘Inequality’ and second is ‘answerability’. In my version of a true democratic country I would like to see PM and other so-called VIPs(what a hypocritical term in a democracy which is supposed to bring equality) be treated at par with normal citizens in all walks of life except when in their office. Imagine  home minister of India is going to office in a government car with a driver and just two guards where on traffic light we roll down our windows and can say a  ‘Hi’ to greet him. That is beautiful dream. Right? I always wonder what is the need for so much authority, power and security for constitutional posts like PM, Ministers and MPs? What fear do they have? And from whom? The same people who have elected them to power ?

And why should a person like Rahul Gandhi, like other sons of politicians, who doesn’t even hold any constitutional post, should eat into  the tax-money paid by people, for his security which cost 5.4 million INR annually to the treasury ? He is just an MP but the security he is given is above and beyond any cabinet minister or even PM. As a citizen I should have the right to inquire and decide towards which expense, tax paid by me is going to be utilized. I can’t see my tax-money being wasted for the security of an useless person. If he feels unsafe in this country, he should spend some of his money and kepp some private Guards.

There have been many incidences when because of the visit of these VVIPs, many patients had to sacrifice their life as security people didn’t let them go through the security-check and when they did it was too late. Why the hell hospitals are? To save patients or to welcome some power-thirsty politicians on an ego trip. A couple of times our PM was also involved in such cases in Chandigarh and Delhi. Is this fake security drama more important than the lives of patients? Does the life of a normal citizen cost less than the pride of PM, who is also a citizen and is elected by people only? This has to be stopped as soon as possible or it will be too late for democracy.

There are many question like this and I am trying to find answers unsuccessfully. I know I won’t get straight answers, so instead of expecting answers, I have decided to find solution of the basic problem. Once I find some of the solution, I would definitely try to put them in practice for the best of society. And that would change the destiny and direction of country. Till then we just have to put up with Democracy and Constitution.


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  1. Its frustrating to read about democracy in India. Its always 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Look at how the lokpal went. We were closely following it and thinking that finally it is going to be passed but it din’t. Democracy has for now failed in India.

    • Hi shil,

      Thanks for taking your time and commenting.Yes, its frustrating how political parties misuse the authority given to them by Constitution.Actually there is no problem in democratic system but the Constitution itself.Its just a cut-copy-paste job from British-Rules in India. They obviously had intentionally weakened the democratic rights of Indians for the interest of British Colony.Now what happened is that rulers have been changed but the rights of public are more or less same.

      We need a complete makeover.

      I visited your Blog and read some posts.It was really very nice, specially the one which are related to food,as I am a big foodie.. 😉

      Keep visiting here and give your precious comments.

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