Diwali !


There is no day (or should I say night) which looks bright , sparkling , pious , tranquil, beautiful , joyous , colorful ,  and also noisy more than Diwali.For those who are not familiar with Diwali , it is an Indian festival celebrated mostly in the northern ,and western part of India.The festival  is actually a part of month long celebrations for the victory of  Lord Rama , King of Ayodhya over Ravana , King of Lanka.Diwali coincides with the return of Lord Rama to his home city Ayodhya after defeating Ravana.On his arrival , it is believed , general public of Ayodhya lighted Diya (small pots made from soil) with Desi Ghee (Indian form of  butter) all over the city.Since then this tradition is followed and celebrated as Diwali or Deepawali.

This Diwali was my first after my marriage and very eventful.We went to buy some fire-crackers in the market , and surprisingly we found none.Nobody had an idea where we could actually get some.Consistent inquiries made to relatives and friends yielded us the answer of that question.That civic authorities has designated a big and open space for selling/buying of fire-crackers and this was the same place where Ramlila(Desi stage version of Ramayan , a Hindu Epic) took place.

That was when problem on the eve of Diwali started.Our Car wouldn’t start.We thought it to be the problem of low quantity of fuel.We did poured in 7 liters in it.Tried again.It would still not start.Then I sent my BH and sister to home by auto and called my friend.He called many car mechanics who gave tips but none worked.It was now 11:30 in the night and there was no mechanic (most have gone to their hone-town , because of Eid) and no improvement in the health of car.My mind was going to be blasted.It was a hopeless situation.

Then we saw some nice guys standing out the gate of their house.We asked them if they knew any mechanic.The cellphones started to ring well and then we were told the earliest we can have a mechanic was only in the morning.We couldn’t have waited for the morning.Also we couldn’t take the car to our home as no tow-away service was available there.We then requested the guys if we could keep my car in their empty garage.They readily agreed.We didn’t know these guys but then we didn’t have any other options.On the next morning we did go there with a mechanic and he solved the problem.Actually the switch of CNG was faulty.Damn !

Lets come to the Diwali again.It was one the few Diwali when i happened to be out of my native town in Up.But this was one of the best Diwali.Not because it was my first after marriage but because of the rangolis , food and sweets made by my wife.I fired crackers after a couple of years.So it was fun.But I was missing my parents and youngest brother , who were there in our native town.

Here are some glimpse from the celebration-

Lovely Rangoli made by my Lovely BH , can you see the 3D effect ?

I did know that my BH could make some paintings but I never thought she is able to make such an amazing piece of art.I was thrilled to see the 3D effect in the same.That was unintentional but a magical effects.

I never thought these Rangolis can be so beautiful and that I could also be so creative(The Idea of putting Diyas on round sopts was mine 😉 )

And here comes THE ARTIST , THE CREATOR !

I hope every Diwali of every person in this world is like this , colorful , joyous, bright and beautiful.


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  1. i never thought you would appreciate my creativity my art by writing blog on Diwali… i am a very lucky girl that m your wife… you are the person who really make me happy by doing such unexpected things….



    • You are welcome baby !

      everything I do , I do for you.
      there is no love like your love
      and nobody could give more love
      all the night , all the day !


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