Oops! ‘US’ did it Again


“To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.”

Though India and America are playing good friends for a while but they haven’t been natural allies in the the history of  both countries. American policies towards India have always  been influenced by two critical factors.One , India’s relation with Russia.Second, India’s relations with Pakistan. America’s relations with these countries have been continuously changing  the power equation in world and in south Asia.

With the rise of China, Indian, Brazil, South Africa and other developing countries and the fall of some European economies, It is evident that world is not not going to be same forever. But at the same time, traditional power centers like America are not going to accept this inevitable truth. They would continue to behave in the manner as if they own the Planet Earth.

Diplomatic protocols’ are the reflection of quality of the relation of two countries. These protocols are defined in such a clear and  precise way, by both parties, so that even the minute possibility of diplomatic blunders can be removed. Records of America on the issue  of “Diplomatic Blunders” is abysmal. These two countries have been involved in a number of incidences which temporarily strained relations for a brief period of time.

Does he look like a 'Terrorist' ?

The latest case was related to the frisking of India’s Ex president and renowned nuclear scientist APJ Abdula Kalam. Normally I take the violation of diplomatic protocols as either the over-enthusiasm of concerned official or the ignorance of norms. But this case was example of total disrespect to a person who has served a country at highest level.Come on, you are dealing with an Ex president of India, the largest democracy in the world.

But how can we expect a basic courtesy from a country which invades countries on hypothetical ground as and when it wish, without any reason and provocation, and kill innocent people and eliminates presidents of their country.

Here is what happened at JFK Airport on 26th Sept , 2011

Sources said after Kalam had taken his seat in the aircraft, officials of the JFK Airport came inside and said they wanted to check the former President once again, which was strongly protested by Air India authorities.

However, the airport authorities were adamant about searching the passengers again, the sources said, adding Kalam did not protest.

“Later, they took away his shoes and jacket much to the dissatisfaction of the Air India authorities.However, they returned them later,” the sources said.

Its very clear that it was more than just a political blunder. US airport officials seemed to have some issue with either him being a Muslim or his being an India.Otherwise what they wanted to prove when  they, even after being told by flight officials that he is an ex-president of India and is exempt from security screening, took his shoes and jacket away. Seriously they need some training on social and political behaviors.

This is not the first time American Officials behaved like a bunch of schoolkids who insists on having a confrontation , and I am also very sure it is NOT their last. But every time they behave like this, Indian government lodges a strong protest and then America express its “Deep Concern and Regret” for the unfortunate incidence and the case is closed. No actions against guilty officials .

Fine , the case must be closed once for ever. No more protesting.Just give them the taste of their own medicine.

I suggest next time when US president and other dignitaries visit India they MUST be told to fall in line with other commoners. I think that would be biggest lesson we can take from US and say thank you to them for the Idea.

I know that is not going to happen in near future as the political will of current set of leaders in India is misdirected at each others only. We need  leaders of caliber of Indira Gandhi who can talk to Americans in their face.


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