Attack the ‘Idea’ not the ‘Person’ !


There was very interesting and engaging discussion on fellow blogger Sharell’s Blog .It sound so noble and nice not to attack a ‘person’ but his ‘Ideas’.Just like what Hindu Scriptures , Gautam Buddha , Jesus Christ and later Mahatma Gandhi taught us that ‘Hate the Sin , not the Sinner’.This idea is as much difficult to follow practically as much easy it is to preach theoretically.

How are you going to deal with a person who is acting violently and could harm you?. How would you save yourself from his ‘Idea’ of  violence and contain him.That makes it a very complex issue.There were some strong opinions of the  view that it (‘Sin and Sinner’ thing) was  ‘essentially’ a western Idea which may have originated from the teaching of Jesus Christ.I wouldn’t go in the credibility of that claim as it is not something I am keen to discuss.Wherever and whenever this idea  have generated  but my objective is to explore its practicality and application in real life.

Try telling a lady , who has been exploited , to separate the  idea of ‘Exploitation’  from the ‘Exploiter’ and see her frustration.

Try telling a man , who has been robbed , to separate the idea of ‘Robbing’ from the ‘Robber’ and see his facial expression.

Try telling a man , who has been cheated , to separate the Idea of ‘Cheating’ from the ‘Cheater’ and then see his desperation.

Obviously its not easy.And then ‘Ideas’ are nothing but the ‘Lingual-Nomenclature’ of the action of a person.So ,  can we absolve a  person from the the responsibilities of his action.Is it possible or even justified ? So who came first , Ideas or People ? Can Ideas exist in isolation ? No.There are people and that is why Ideas exists.If people cease to exist , Ideas will perish.

Lets check how western world actually apply the western or christian ideas of ‘Hate the Sin , Not the Sinner’.

Is it possible to hate the “Idea of  ‘Terrorism”, not the ‘Terrorist’ ? People would detest me if I say that I hate terrorism but I don’t dislike Daud Ibrahim.Are western countries following this very idea which is considered an inherently western or more specifically Christian by themselves ? Did America , a western and majority Christian country , ever tried to  dislike the ‘Idea of Terrorism’ and find its basic reason and ultimate solution ? NO ! Rather it looked individuals as its enemies ,  be it Saddam Hussein or Osam Bin laden or recently Muamar Qaddafi.

America unapologetically killed 1,36,000 innocent people in the warzone of Iraq and Afghanistan and changed the world forever.It spent a monstrous 1 trillion dollar in the war against terror and spoiled its own economy.I am not sure how western world is following the Idea propagated by Jesus Christ ?

And still , it is said the this idea of ‘Hating the Sin , not Sinner’  is alien and foreign to India and familiar to Western people.I would like to tell them politely the very same thing which  Abhishek Bacchan tells everyone in a mobile Ad-   That

Get an Idea , Sir Jee !


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  1. I think what Sharell was trying to do is encourage people to use “non violent communication” (search for “Marshall Rosenberg” or try this website 3w. cnvc. org to find out more about this).

    It is a concept that seems very Indian to me…. 😉

    • Hi Helene ,

      I understand the importance of non-violent communication in resolving a conflict.I was just wondering why it is not followed by the western countries at international level while they form their foreign policies.

      Even if we pretend or intend to attack the Idea(and not the person) , we are attacking the person actually as it is simply impossible to separate the Ideas from the person and as I have said earlier , Ideas and actions cease to exist without their creator , that is , The Person.

      It is getting more confusing.So before anyone attack my Ideas with their Ideas , I personally gather the person , that’s me , and run away from this ‘Idealistic’ Idea.


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