Ardhangini-(Better Half) !


When I showed this Blog to my wife she asked why her picture with me is not on the blog after all I am your ‘ardhangini’ and have full right to be with you anywhere , everywhere. I said , this is a public blog and not a social website. “Isn’t ‘public’ made up of “Individuals” ?, she asked.She was right , and here we are !

We , 'The Couple' at our Engagement !

She is the best thing happened to me ever.Marrying her is the only good decision I have taken in my life 🙂 , and the trip after marriage to Europe was unforgettable not only because of pristine beauty of Europe but also because of her lovely , vivacious and gorgeous presence.

Now , I have decided to write about my Euro-Trip which was full of all the excitement and (mis)-adventures of missing trains , eating loads of Pizzas and falafel , talking with strangers in rural Italy without knowing each other’s language , dancing with strangers and getting free stuff by a generous lady in Venice.

Terminal-3 at IGI , New Delhi , India

I think I should start describing my journey with the mention of Magnificent , Monstrous and Magical new Terminal-3 of IGI airport , New Delhi.Last time I visited this airport was when I returned from Dubai and always hoped in my heart and dreamed in my sleep that some day Delhi also gets its share of shining glories which all the big airports in Asia are already basking in.Terminal-3 in Delhi is truly a world-class architecture marvel , swanky and ‘International’.I was pleasantly surprised to see foreign travelers picking their camera and come in to action at the airport itself at arrivals area where many ‘Mudras’ of Hands are depicted using huge metallic structures.This was in a stark contrast with what we earlier had.Old Airport terminal was just a ‘cleaner’ version of New-Delhi railway station with a dim and dull look.Staff was also in sync with vibes of place.Now IGI actually look like an Airport.

Moscow Airport

My first destination was Rome,Italy via Moscow , Russia where we had a nine-hour stop at airport.Our bad-luck that we couldn’t arrange the transit visa for Moscow because we got our Schengen Visa just 5 Days before our departure.That means we had to abandon our plans to take short tour of city of Moscow.I always like the colorful and dreamy architecture of Kremlin and it was painful not to be able to see while in the city.Anyway , we utilized our time to full at the airport itself by shopping , eating chips , having a talk with an Indian who was working in Australia and was on the way to Ukraine for his work.We shared our home-made sweets with him.It was a good passing time in that way in a foreign city at airport where language was a very big barrier.Yes , they won’t take Euros.”Only Rubel” was the common reply.So we did convert our 10 Euros with Rubals and we did get lots of it.Flavors of ‘Lays’ were totally different from what we get here in India.Mostly,non-veg flavors were available.We managed to get some vegetarian flavors like ‘cheese’ and ‘cucumber’ and I must tell you that both flavors were terrible for me.I didn’t like them but my wife kept on eating with great enthusiasm and finished the ‘Cheesed’ one.She also didn’t like the ‘cucumber’ flavor but our above-mentioned fellow-Indian-Australian liked this flavor and we ‘gifted’ the whole pack to him.

My wife At Moscow Airport !

But I never thought that a pack of chips of cheese flavor is going to be the main culprit for spoiling our mood in the air.’Cheese’ had started showing its malicious intent and my wife fell sick.I along with the whole crew of plane was tense as Rome was still two hours away and there was no improvement in her conditioned.I was so upset that if happened even before our honeymoon started.Luckily her condition became better after the regurgitation of material from stomach.And they she slept like baby in my arm but whole crew had kept coming asking for the well-being of her till the plane landed in Rome.

Colosseum , Rome

WOW ! we were on our honeymoon in our favorite city , country and continent.We were SO HAPPY ! I took a taxi and went straight to hotel.It took 18 minutes and 36 Euros…price of a one way flight from Delhi to Lucknow.. “Welcome to Europe”, We said to each other ! 🙂


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  1. It is a pity you had to visit Moscow and miss visiting the city. However, I’d say staying at the airport was a good idea, as transit options from Shremetyevo 2 (the airport you were in) to the Red Square isn’t the best, considering it was winter when you visited. You’d have to change metros (which can be quite a trouble in itself, as English becomes obsolete once you enter Russia) OR you’d have to take a taxi which would be rather slow in the foggy iced-in conditions.

    • Hi Abdullah ,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and investing your time to comment.

      I really wanted to visit the city of Moscow but unfortunately couldn’t .I even tried at the at airport to get transit visa but in vain.I actually wouldn’t have minded in facing some difficulty in visiting the city specially Kremlin.I also wanted to fell the chill of being in minus 14 degree Celsius.Anyway there is always a next time. 🙂

      • You are welcome. It is rather unfortunate that India and Russia don’t have a visa-free or visa-on-arrival tie up, inspite of our strong historic ties and common goals.
        Yes, there is a next time but it is still unfortunate to miss such a great opportunity. If you visit Russia again, make your trip in the summer. There are a lot more things to see and enjoy in Russia in the summers.

  2. I am so happy to get you in my life… i always wanted someone to write about me.. but you are not someone, you are ‘SPECIAL ONE’ who always support and stand with me everywhere.. and am so glad that you love me.. i just wish that u wud love me more than anyone… 🙂 I LOVE U..

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