Second fight for “Freedom” (from corruption ) !


Anna waiving to his supporters !

There has never been a bigger uproar in India against corruption than the one Anna has started. And there has never been a bigger icon for the fight against corruption than Anna Hazare.Looking at the events that are taking shape and the support Anna is getting it seems India has got a leader which it was looking for.Weather he is a “Second Gandhi” is matter of discussion but he is definitely most trusted and popular figure in India.

What I don’t understand is the resistance of Congress-led government in implementing the recommendation of Team Anna for Lokpal.What is problem in bringing all government employees , MPs , MLAs and Judiciary and PM under the ambit of Lokpal.This is a very basic question of equality that if any new law on Corruption is coming into existence then why shouldn’t EACH AND EVERY citizen of India come under it.

As , people in the government are arguing that ‘Lokpal’ can’t curb corruption.How can they say so ? And even if their anticipation has any credibility , let it be proved.We can’t stop and implementing laws in the anticipation of failure.If that is the standard to follow , shouldn’t we scrap whole constitution because it has still not been very effective?

The last thing Indian government should have done was to arrest Anna.That is an extremely foolish and flawed administrative decision which is going to back-fire very dearly on the Congress-Led government.India is a country of emotional people and if they ever get a hint that ‘this person’ is going to take them out of the clutches of all the problems they are facing then they support them whole heartily.Here “Sympathy” factor counts high on people’s imagination in forming a perception and Congress-led government is lagging very behind in good-will race.

I have got some interesting take on the word “ANASHAN” and its meaning which seems to be derived from two words of different Language.”Anna”(food) from Hindi and “SHUN”(take away) from English.

ANNA+SHUN= “shun” the “Anna” , I don’t know how much convincing this explanation is . 🙂

Last but not least , I would call all the people of India and say ..

“तकाज़ा है मौजों का , तूफ़ान से खेलो ,
कहाँ तक चलोगे किनारे किनारे ?


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