Reservation on “Aarakshan” !


Flashy poster of movie "AARAKSHAN"

India is the largest democracy in the world and is supposed to be a fairly liberal society when it comes to the issue of ‘Freedom of Expression’.Cinema , Art and Literature are different mediums to express individual or collective ideas or views.The laws of the country make sure that expression and execution of individual or collective ideas and act don’t hurt another individual or any section of society physically , emotionally , culturally or financially.And that they are not a threat to the cultural , religious and social harmony.But what we usually forget is “Caste-Harmony” which pops out from nowhere whenever you mention a word , that is , “AARAKSHAN”.

Mr Prakash Jha has produced many movies such as ‘Mrityudand’ , ‘Apaharan’ , ‘Gangajal’ and ‘Rajneeti’.What is amazing about his creations is that he picks a rather serious subject and treats it in a very relaxed and balanced manner so that the entertainment quotient of the movie is not subsided by the complexity of subject.His unusual way of story-telling makes him one of the most loved and trusted film maker equally among masses and classes.The most beautiful moment always comes in the later part of the movie when he drives his story to a ‘Poetic-Justice’ in the climax and that is why his movies hardly attract any controversy.

Students protesting against reservation

But this time , with his new venture “ARAKSHAN” , he ran out of ‘good-luck’.It has been banned in three states namely UP , AP and Punjab.That is unfortunate and frustrating that you put a blanket ban on something you have not even seen.That is how it happens in India and perhaps only in India.Isn’t it ridiculous that a movie is banned even if has been watched and passed by the Censor-Board ?

What is most depressing is that it is happening in an age when whole world is looking up to India to take a leading role as Economic and Political Superpower in the region(At least this is what Hillary’ recent commenting her India visit suggest)and our policy maker are busy in investing their extra time to decide which movie we should see and which not.And this happens when there is a separate ‘Constitutional Body’ solely for this purpose.

It seems to defy logic that in a country where 49.5 seats/Jobs are reserved ‘Legally’ for Backward and Schedule Caste/Tribe in government offices/institution ,a movie on the same subject is banned.”ARAKSHAN” is legal ‘Act’ so why a movie on ‘Arakshan’ is not ‘Legal’ ?

BSP Guys protesting in the support of reservation

May be , just the mention of word “ARAKSHAN” disturb and shake the confidence of people who have supported this knowing fully well that it has lost relevance in the current socio-economic structure which is completely different from the time when The Constitution of India accommodated the word “ARAKSHAN” !


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  1. Mohit, I agree that freedom of expression is fundamental right. It is binding on Union Government to enforce it with SC as protector of it. However, i am not agree with you on concluding part that Arakhshan is not relevant in present socio – politico – economics scenario. Rather unfortunate that our media doesnt present the true picture of our society. India still lives in Villages and their primary occupation is agriculture or related services. Many many dont have land to survive and get work as per their social status. According to most recent census, we have about 75% literacy in india but how educated we are is never measured by any gobal or national agency. We still have Maha Dailt, Chamar and many other social and political designations which neither give them basic needs to survive nor a confidence to stand up. Reservation is must to bring them in main stream and it cant be discarded out rightly. However, merit shall have the majority and that is the reason SC of India has kept the limit of reservation upto 50%.

    I dont know about the content of the movie but i really appreciate that someone in the industry has taken up this issue and started a much needed debate

    • Thanks for investing your precious time in reading and commenting.I acknowledge that SC/STs have bore the brunt of caste-discrimination for centuries and I support any system which aims to bring these section of society in the main-stream even if means a sacrifice of some seats and jobs.Most of the people from general category I meet are in fact more concerned about the conditions of backward people.

      What I want to suggest is that ‘Reservation’ system should have a clearly defined objective.For example , if a person from SC/ST who has benefited from the ‘Reservation’ system and had uplifted himself to the level of other so-called ‘upper-caste’ financially and socially , then why should HE still get the benefit of reservation system ? He should be ‘Deleted’ from the list beneficiaries of reservation.Shouldn’t he ?

      My objection is that Reservation has become a ‘Permanent Arrangement’ in place of a ‘Coorective Measure’.That is simply not done.

      I also come from a rural background.And in my native town , most of the people are from so called ‘upper-caste’ and facing the same challenges as any other OBC/SC people face.I had slept many nights without food.My father borrowed money from relatives for my education.I studied hard.But I didn’t get what I deserved.

      If government is so serious about the welfare of these section of society then why don’t in invest on infrastructure , education and employment in rural areas.Why should a section of society sacrifice their “Equal Rights” just because government want to establish its Vote-Bank.

      There is reservation system in America also for Amerindians or Aborigines but that is done in an effective manner.The one who have progressed are cut from the list of beneficiaries.But in India nobody want to progress everybody is protesting for being “BACKWARD”.

  2. I absolutely agree with you….Reservation was included in the our constitution at the time of high morality and vision of national building in pulic life. However, with time public life became way of making personal and political future. Caste divide came before the communal/religious division of the society but communal division seems to be discarded by Indians for the simple reason that it was never be a part of indian society and very much a exported concept while caste deprivation is what we eat and drink since we born. Even highly literate persons close their eyes when it comes at their personal level.

    Not a tasteful reality and very well understood by any true nationalist.

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