A Cigarette Shock !


Though , I didn’t have much cultural shock in my last Europe visit as the life I live here in India is nothing different than Europe except that I live with my parents and can’t(actually don’t ) kiss my wife in their presence.

I was in Mestre , Venice and came down from from hotel room to the footpath just in front of the hotel entrance to smoke.As I had opted for Non-Smoking room , so had to rush down stairs.

There was heavy rain outside and people were standing under the roof of bus stop which was also just in front of the Hotel.Adjacent to Hotel was a big supermarket and people were walking past behind and in front of me.

Suddenly a guy came , ( I am sure , he was local Italian ) and stopped just 4-5 feet away from and and we made eye contact.I was stone-faced.No expression ! He came forward.I ignored him.He came nearer , I was a little concerned.He came within the slapping-radius of my hand and then I could smell his breath and finally he broke the tension and silence and said “CIGARETTE” pointing towards the Marlboro pack in my hand. I gave him one.Then he asked for lighter.He looked happy ! I was happy too , thinking I now can ask for cigarette from stranger when I run out of supply.

We left Venice for Luzern , Switzerland.It was serene.I must say that Switzerland is not mentioned as ‘heaven’ without reason and thanked Yash Chopra for making Indians aware about it.I was happy in Luzern because here more people could understand English than Italy.

Switzerland was the only country in Europe where I could find some signboards in Hindi except at some Indian Restaurants.That was pleasant surprise.

On the top of Mount Titls , Engelberg

We went to see Mount Titlis on Rotair , the first and only of its kind in world.There at the top of Mount titlis in -13 Degree at 10,000 feet , my urge to smoke got better of me.And I ran out out of cigarettes.I saw a man smoking and he was with his family which probably included his wife and an old lady , his mother-in-law ? Encouraged with the incidence which happened in Venice , I went up to him and asked ”Do you speak English” “Yeah Little” , He said. I asked , “Can I have a cigarette” and He simply refused saying “I only have two”

I was totally embarrassed and my better-half burst in a teasing laughter as she had advised against doing that. My Bad-Luck , I insisted and became a victim of cutural-difference of ‘Two countries’ or more precisely ‘Two Individuals’ within Europe.


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  1. Goodness me, this is a cigarette shock! Shame on you for smoking. I am glad you got refused that cigarette. What a terrible thing you’re doing — polluting the environment and the air of others. (I’ve come to your blog to start an arguement now. haha). 😉 😛 But seriously, I really liked the story.


      Hahaha , Sorry Sharell ji ..for polluting the air ..but as they say ..

      “One apple a day keeps the doctor away” , I say

      “One Cigarette a day keeps an ‘Engineer’ awake.” 😉

      Thanks for liking the story ! And a hearty welcome a ‘non-existing’ argumentative Sharell ji .. ;

      • I have indeed come! And now, I can even quote lyrics from a Bollywood movie on your blog!

        Bachna Ae Haseeno Lo Main Aa Gaye
        Neend Chura Loon
        Hosh Uda Doon

        But not for the reasons in the song. Let the arguements begin. Just think of your poor wife — do you want to get lung cancer and make her a widow? . Give up those cigarettes abhi abhi!! I am most disgusted and disappointed in Mohit Gupta. There, I have said it and made my feelings known. I feel so much better. 🙂

  2. I will definitely try to quit , till then … Dum Maro Dum !
    Now that you have mentioned my wife , I will have to think about it seriously coz I love her so much … 🙂
    btw I m just an occasional smoker . one cigarette a day !

  3. The man probably ran out of cigarettes or was plain rude. The “Can I have a smoke?” trick works everywhere in Europe, to break-the-ice between strangers and open conversation.
    Oh Sharell, quit it with the lectures already! There are 938483958 things that can kill a person these days, without cigars getting a chance.

  4. i am totally agreed with Sharell, please stop smoking… dear I LOVE YOU SO MUCH .. why don’t u understand??? 😦

  5. Mohit Uncle Ji,

    Cigarettes are filthy and horrible things and smoking is very disgusting – che che shame, shame, puppy shame on you. Smoking makes a person’s teeth yellow, fingers yellow, breath and clothes smell, and their lungs black. Research has shown that once a person stops smoking, their lungs will start repairing themselves rapidly and become healthy again. Smoking is far more dangerous than anyone can possibly imagine. Mohit Uncle Ji, listen to your wife and stop smoking – you can do it – you are a STRONG MINDED MAN – so use your STRONG WILL POWER to stop smoking and enjoy fresh air and fresh breath – throw your cigarettes in the bin and enjoy smoke free living – you will LOVE fresh air – really you will! Try fresh air Mohit Uncle Ji.

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