Aryans ? Who ?


Isn't it too simplistic too be true what this Map tries hard to suggest ?

Hello Friends !!

If there is one single word which has been associated with biggest range of issues like ‘Holocaust’ , ‘Caste-System’ , ‘Eugneics’ then it could not have been anything but ‘ARYAN’.Starting from Indus Valley Civilization , Aryans had caught the imagination of world from time immemorial.Some people say that Aryans were indigenous to India and some historians give AIT(Aryan Invasion Theory) but , till now , no one has actually been able to prove their claims with substantial and irrefutable proof.

We say that public memory is very short. In fact memory of Individuals is also very short.We can only recall most recent events , theories and Ideas.Taking note of the fact that I belong to the largest democracy in the world , pardon me if I show some inclination to the claims of majority of historians that Aryans were “Indians” and did not come from outside of India.

You all are free to unleash your personal opinion on this subject and I am receptive to all new theories and Ideas..

Come , force yourself to this blog post


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